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Below you will find reflections from those that have experienced the benefits of the Knights to Christ book in their Councils and parishes.

Knight evangelizes with Knights to Christ meditation book


I gave my wife a copy of the Knights to Christ, (No, it was not to get her to join the Knights of Columbus, she already belongs to the Ladies Auxiliary). She tells me all the time how much she loves the daily reading each and every day, this also means a lot to me. Of course I have my own copy of the Knights to Christ and I do the daily readings. When I or my wife read one of the readings and find one that we want to share with our three kids, (48, 46 and 44 years old) or our grand kids , we make a copy of the front of the book and the selected reading and mail it to them for their information and use. We have also done this with other family members and friends. Some of the readings are so awesome that we just want to share it with that person. The Knights to Christ book is so great for a quick read and sometimes it is that kick in the pants we need every once in a while. It also gives you something to think about and contemplate on.
— John Allen, Advocate, Council 10205

Father Kinerk shares his thoughts:


Knights to Christ is a great way to inspire and focus yourself; a basis for private prayer.
— Father Ed Kinerk, S.J.

Want to help out?

Join the Knights to Christ team and evangelize with your Brother Knights. Knights to Christ team members are needed throughout the state. To promote the book/concept and work with Councils and District Deputies in their respective areas. This is a great way to develop a deeper love for Christ and to assist councils that need rejuvenation.

If interested, contact: Rich Casias, 303-988-5967; or John Barklage, 303-680-6848;

If you have a testimonial you would like to share, contact us and tell us all about it!

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